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World House Editions

World House Editions, Middlebury, USA IFPDA

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World House Editions



The Carriage House
26 Wheeler Road
United States



+001 203 758 2662




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Launched in the summer of 1998 by Donald Taglialatella, World House Editions is a publisher of limited edition prints, portfolios, multiples, photographs and video works by an eclectic group of international artists. World House Editions is strictly a publisher, not a printer, and we collaborate closely with the artists we publish and work with a select group of contract print workshops and fabricators in the U. S. and Europe.

In addition to our publishing activities, World House Gallery handles the resale of high-quality modern and contemporary international paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photographs and original prints and multiples.

Our historical expertise is The Cobra group.

Based in a converted carriage house in the small town of Middlebury, Connecticut, we are available by appointment only.

Member IFPDA
Member CINOA



Artists Represented

Rita Ackermann
Brian Alfred
Caetano de Almeida
Darren Almond
John Armleder
Mike Bidlo
Lizzi Bougatsos
Robert Cottingham
Jane Dickson

Sylvie Fleury
Mark Francis
Antony Gormley
Gary Hill
Nicky Hoberman
Julian Lethbridge
Liza Lou
Ryan McGinness
Ugo Rondinone

Graciela Sacco
Beverly Semmes
Josh Smith
Mitchell Squire
John Tremblay
Marijke van Warmerdam
Bernar Venet
Not Vital

Artists on OriginalPrints

Pierre Alechinsky (1)
Brian Alfred (2)
Caetano de Almeida (3)
Darren Almond (17)
Karel Appel (2)
John Armleder (14)
Tracey Baran (1)
Ross Bleckner (1)
James Brooks (1)
Richmond Burton (3)
Robert Cottingham (1)

Jane Dickson (1)
Sylvie Fleury (2)
Gunther Forg (1)
Mark Francis (13)
Antony Gormley (10)
Nicky Hoberman (2)
Callum Innes (1)
Asger Jorn (1)
Per Kirkeby (1)
Lee Krasner (1)
Julian Lethbridge (1)

Ryan McGinness (4)
Ugo Rondinone (10)
Julian Schnabel (4)
Beverly Semmes (2)
Josh Smith (3)
Mitchell Squire (1)
John Tremblay (1)
Luc Tuymans (2)
Not Vital (2)

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