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David Hockney (b.1937)
at www.kunzt.gallery

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A Bigger Book + A print
 David Hockney 

A Bigger Book + A print - click to enlarge

A french triple bill
 David Hockney 

A french triple bill - click to enlarge

Above an beyond
 David Hockney 

Above an beyond - click to enlarge

Ann in the Studio
 David Hockney 

Ann in the Studio - click to enlarge

Catharina Dorothea Viehman
 David Hockney 

Catharina Dorothea Viehman - click to enlarge

Glass Table with Objects
 David Hockney 

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Glass Table with Objects
 David Hockney 

Glass Table with Objects - click to enlarge

 David Hockney 

James - click to enlarge

My mother with parrot
 David Hockney 

My mother with parrot - click to enlarge

Painted environment II
 David Hockney 

Painted environment II - click to enlarge

 David Hockney 

Rampant - click to enlarge

The Boy Hidden in an Egg
 David Hockney 

The Boy Hidden in an Egg - click to enlarge

The Drooping Plant, June 1986
 David Hockney 

The Drooping Plant, June 1986 - click to enlarge

The studio, March 28th
 David Hockney 

The studio, March 28th - click to enlarge

Untitled for Joel Wachs
 David Hockney 

Untitled for Joel Wachs - click to enlarge

Yves Marie
 David Hockney 

Yves Marie - click to enlarge

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David Hockney was born in Bradford in 1932. Hockney studied at Bradford School of Art and then at the Royal College of Art. Whilst at the Royal College of Art Hockney met R. B. Kitaj and Allen Jones and became a key figure in the British Pop Art movement.
Hockney's achievments as a painter and printmaker have guaranteed him a place as one of Britain's most important post-war artists. David Hockney has exhibited worldwide and his work is in all major collections of 20th Century and contemporary art.
David Hockney continues to work from his home in Los Angeles where his has lived since 1978.


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