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Marie Laurencin

Marie Laurencin

Sonnets d'Amour - 20 Original Etchings by various French artists and Sonnets in a portolio


limited edition of only 326 impressions



Sonnets d'Amour - 20 Original Etchings by various French artists and Sonnets in a portolio







Sheet Size


31 X 25.5 cm / 12.2 X 10 inch



20 Original Etchings by various French artists and Sonnets in a Portfolio

Title: Sonnets d'Amour

Portfolio size: 31 X 25.5 cm / 12.2 X 10 inch

Additional information: This book "Sonnets d'Amour" is illustrated by 20 original etchings by various artists.
It was published by "Campanie Francaise des Arts Graphiques" in 1943 in a limited edition of only 326 impressions.
This is number 289 and it is numbered in the justification page.
The book includes an introduction and 18 Sonnets by various writers and poets.
Each Sonnets is illustrated by an Original Etching by a different artist, printed on a full page without text. most of the etchings are signed in the plate.

Please find below the complete list of Sonnets with the bane of th writers and the correspanding artist:
- Introduction written by Yves Gerard Le Dantec - illustrated by 2 Etchings: one by Dunoyer de Segonzac and one by Robert Bonfils
- Sonnet: Marie, Levez-vous by Ronsard, Etching by Camille Berg
- Sonnet: Si nostre vie... by Du Bellay, Etching by Michel Ciry
- Sonnet: Baise m'encore by Louise Labe, Etching by Luc-Albet Moreau
- Sonnet: Ha! je vous pry, mes yeulx by Remy Belleau, Etching by Jean-Gabriel Daragnes
- Sonnet: Comme un qui s'est perdu by Etienne Jodelle, Etching by Jean Frelaut
- Sonnet: A Diane Salviato by AgrippaD'aubigne, Etching by Maurice Savin
- Sonnet: Sur l'absence de la Viomtesse d'Auchy by Francois de Malherbe, Etching by Andre Jacquemin
- Sonnet: L'ombre by Theophile de Viau, Etching by Galanis
- Sonnet: Le Printemps des environs de Paris by Marc Antoine de Saint Amant, Etching by Verge-Sarrat
- Sonnet: L'Amante de Cephale de Paris by Tristan L'Hermite, Etching by Jacques Boullaire
- Sonnet: A Mademoiselle d'Arpajon by Cyrano de Bergerac, Etching by Roger Wild
- Sonnet: Par un Ciel etoile by Charles Sainte Beuve, Etching by Jean Bersier
- Sonnet: El Desdichado by Gerrard de Nerval, Etching by Hermine David
- Sonnet: Beatrix Dunato by Alfred de Musset, Etching by Marie Laurencin
- Sonnet: Le Sommeil de Leilab by Leconte de Lisle, Etching by Henri de Waroqueir
- Sonnet: Sonnet d'Automne by Charles Baudelaire, Etching by Edouard Goerg
- Sonnet: Egle by Theodore de Banville, Etching by Dignimont
- Sonnet: L'Enlevement d'Antiope by Jose Maria de Heredia, Etching by Yves Brayer



Good condition apart from damage to the book's cover box.






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