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Craigie Aitchison (b.1926)

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'Crucifixion and Mountain'
 Craigie Aitchison 

'Crucifixion and Mountain'  - click to enlarge

 Craigie Aitchison 

Africa - click to enlarge

Birds on Blue
 Craigie Aitchison 

Birds on Blue - click to enlarge

Blue Bird Yellow Landscape
 Craigie Aitchison 

Blue Bird Yellow Landscape - click to enlarge

Crucifixion Green Hill
 Craigie Aitchison 

Crucifixion Green Hill - click to enlarge

Donkey and Stable
 Craigie Aitchison 

Donkey and Stable - click to enlarge

Get Well Soon
 Craigie Aitchison 

Get Well Soon - click to enlarge

Goatfell Isle of Arran
 Craigie Aitchison 

Goatfell Isle of Arran - click to enlarge

Holy Island
 Craigie Aitchison 

Holy Island - click to enlarge

Indian Crucifixion
 Craigie Aitchison 

Indian Crucifixion - click to enlarge

Lamb in a Green Field
 Craigie Aitchison 

Lamb in a Green Field - click to enlarge

Montecastelli Tree
 Craigie Aitchison 

Montecastelli Tree - click to enlarge

Pink Crucifixion
 Craigie Aitchison 

Pink Crucifixion - click to enlarge

Sheep at Tulliallan
 Craigie Aitchison 

Sheep at Tulliallan - click to enlarge

Ship Vase and Rose
 Craigie Aitchison 

Ship Vase and Rose - click to enlarge

Still life on Vermillion
 Craigie Aitchison 
 new edition 

Still life on Vermillion - click to enlarge

Still LIfe on vermillion
 Craigie Aitchison 

Still LIfe on vermillion - click to enlarge

Still life with bird vase
 Craigie Aitchison 

Still life with bird vase - click to enlarge

Still Life with Bird Vase
 Craigie Aitchison 

Still Life with Bird Vase - click to enlarge

Sugarbush Wearing Hat
 Craigie Aitchison 

Sugarbush Wearing Hat - click to enlarge

Washing Line Montecastelli
 Craigie Aitchison 

Washing Line Montecastelli - click to enlarge

Waynee and the Pink Tree
 Craigie Aitchison 

Waynee and the Pink Tree - click to enlarge

 Craigie Aitchison 

Wayney - click to enlarge

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Craigie Aitchison was born in Edinburgh in 1926. Aitchison studied at the Slade School of Art where he received a British Council Scholarship.
Craigie Aitchison's first one man show was held in Beaux Arts, London, in 1959 and he had since exhibited at numerous galleries worldwide including; Marlborough Fine Art, Compass Gallery and Kettle's Yard. A major retrospective of Aitchison's work was held at the Serpentine Gallery in 1981.
Craigie Aitchison was elected to the Royal Academy in 1988 and was awarded a CBE in 1999.


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