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Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)
at Gilden's Arts

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Christ surrounded by Doctors / Der zwolfjahrige Jesus im Tempel
 Albrecht Durer 

Christ surrounded by Doctors / Der zwolfjahrige Jesus im Tempel - click to enlarge

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Albrecht Durer has been described as "the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance." Although he drew inspiration from the Netherlands and Italy which were the major European artistic centres of his time, Durer was very much an innovator. Durer is the first artist who is known to have painted a self-portrait. Durer was a multi-disciplined artist, gaining notoriety across Europe for his woodcuts and engravings and Durer is still considered to be the greatest printmaker of all time. As an oil painter, Durer depicted both religious and secular subjects. In Durer's drawings and watercolours he dealt with an impressive range of subject-matter and variety in the media in which they were produced. Durer was to have a major influence on the development of European art.


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