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Chuck Close (b.1940)
at www.kunzt.gallery

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Dalai Lama
 Chuck Close 

Dalai Lama - click to enlarge

John II
 Chuck Close 

John II - click to enlarge

Phil (Philip Glass)
 Chuck Close 

Phil (Philip Glass) - click to enlarge

Renee Cox
 Chuck Close 

Renee Cox - click to enlarge

Self Portrait
 Chuck Close 

Self Portrait - click to enlarge

Self portrait
 Chuck Close 

Self portrait - click to enlarge

Self Portrait / Pulp / Pochoir
 Chuck Close 

Self Portrait / Pulp / Pochoir - click to enlarge

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After studying at Yale University, Chuck Close moved to New York and came under the influence of photographic painter Claude Cahun. In the 1920’s, Close began to emulate his style, copying the tiniest of details from portrait photographs and applying them to his canvasses. In his later work, Close expands in photo-realism using finger-painting techniques, stippling, and collage.


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